Governor Cooper visits a local public school in Greenville

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Governor Roy Cooper visited Pactolus Global school late Thursday morning. He toured classrooms of various grades, subjects, and teaching methods with the message that strong public schools build strong communities.

Pactolus Global School pre-k through 8th-grade students welcomed Gov. Cooper to join their day of learning.

Being raised by a mother who was a teacher and attended public school himself, Gov. Cooper says public education is the glue to a strong community…adding that it’s facing budgetary hardships.

“Too often, our schools are being told by the legislature to do more with less,” Gov. Cooper said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Cooper says private schools are growing.

“That’s why I think it is important to put a moratorium on private school vouchers until we fully fund our public schools,” Gov. Cooper added.

Despite the setbacks, Pactolus Global School Principal Kimberly Lucas says she still has a strong appreciation for public education.

“Hard work ethic, even with the face of adversity, they are still showing up every day with that perseverance to give our children 100 % every day,” Lucas shared.

Akea Godard, a parent at Pactolus Global School, says parent involvement is crucial to the improvement of public education as well.

“If we can get them involved, they’ll know where they are needed and what support is needed from the school from the parents,” Godard explained.

Gov. Cooper also highlighted the importance of early childhood education and accessible childcare during his visit.