Giraffe calf dies after tragic accident at North Carolina Zoo

ASHEBORO, N.C. (WITN) – Staff members are mourning the loss of a baby giraffe who died on Wednesday.

The North Carolina Zoo says Fenn, a giraffe calf born back in May, died in an accident.

The zoo says Fenn became unexpectedly startled by another giraffe while he was nursing. He then bolted, collided with a nearby gate, and fell to the ground. Fenn had head and neck trauma from the fall.

Despite getting medical attention from staff, he passed away from the injuries.

Fenn was born at the North Carolina Zoo on May 20th, to a first-time mother, Leia (14), and father, Jack (15). He was born 6 foot tall and weighed 145 pounds.

According to zoo officials, the calf was energetic and vibrant and quickly became a cherished member of the zoo community.

Officials say the North Carolina Zoo family was shocked and devastated by Fenn’s death.