Friends remember those who died in 2022 plane crash after NTSB report

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – February 13th, 2022, is a day many here in the East will never forget. When eight people lost their lives in a plane crash coming home from a hunting trip.

“It saddens us every year when we come to this time of year and remember them, ” said Tom Harrison Hunter Parks’ business partner. Harrison was friends and business partners with Parks, one of the men who died.

“Hunter was one of the most generous people that I know, and he freely shared whatever he had with others, and that’s what he was doing when this tragic plane crash happened,” said Harrison.

Harrison said the land the group was hunting on belonged to Parks.

Less than a week ago, the National Transportation Safety Board released a report on the crash pointing to pilot error as the cause. Though the report feels like some sort of conclusion, Harrison says it does not bring an end to their grief.

“It’s a tragedy no matter how it happened, and there’s really nothing that can undo what they suffered,” said Harrison.

Tim Peadon, who coached Jeffery Rawls at Stokes Elementary alongside Teen Rawls, the plane’s pilot, said he feels similar. “It won’t bring back anyone, but at least they’ll know what happened.”

Peadon says being back at the baseball field floods him with memories of getting to know the Rawls family. “Teen was a loving person. He really cared about his community and kids,” said Peadon.

According to the crash report, Rawls did not adequately program preflight planning, along with inadequate inflight monitoring, and failed to regain control of the airplane following entry into an inadvertent aerodynamic stall. Peadon said today that Teen usually made good judgment calls and could not imagine he was negligent with the situation.