First responders celebrate Christmas while serving community

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Fire truck check-ups, responding to EMS calls…the duties of a firefighter never stop, even when Santa’s in town.

While working on Christmas can be tough, firefighters with Greenville Fire/Rescue say some things make it more feasible.

“We got a second family here and we are all close-knit, so it is tough to be away from wives and children and your immediate family but we do have very close friends that we’re families with here,” Captain Matthew Patty said.

Those scheduled for work holidays try to get in a little bit earlier so those working the previous shift can get to their families as early as possible.

Nicholas Rose joined Greenville Fire/Rescue 9 months ago.

Even though he’s new, Rose says he already feels the family bond here.

“This is my first Christmas not being with family, so it’s a little bit different, but it is a different kind of family here so it’s different but it feels the same,” Rose shared.

The firefighters’ families are invited to eat dinner with them at the fire station Monday night.

Even though it may be different from the traditional Christmas dinner, they say holiday joy will still fill the fire department.