Fire officials warn of wildfire risk due to dry conditions and lower humidity levels

DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) -Experts say this is the time of year when some start back cooking on the grill and burning yard debris.

However, after Duplin County saw three fires break out just hours apart Tuesday, officials are telling people to pump the brakes on burning anything.

According to data, the month of March kicks off wildfire season in North Carolina. Officials say a large percentage of wildfires happen due to drier conditions, high winds, and low humidity levels.

WITN meteorologists say wind gusts in the east may get up to 30 mph by Wednesday, which creates a high risk for wildfire.

The Duplin County fires were in Albertson, Potters Hill, and Faison. Two were large wood fires and one was a structure fire.

Every fire was put out, but Faison Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Davis Powell believes people need to avoid burning as much as possible right now.

“Everything is relatively dry anytime the breeze is really windy like it is,” Powell said. “It sets conditions favorable for fires to spread a lot more rapidly.”

Powell continued to say, “Some type of extinguishment is always important,” He said. “Whether it be a bucket of water, fire extinguisher, garden hoses. Cooking fires too, people like to cook outside.”

Powell also says it’s vital that people don’t leave any fire unoccupied, especially with these conditions because it only takes a second for the wind to cause it to spread.

The current wildfire risk is effective throughout all counties in the east until Wednesday.