Farmville’s 34th annual Dogwood Festival comes to an end

FARMVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Farmville’s 34th annual Dogwood Festival ended Sunday with countless activities for the community!

Since Thursday, thousands of people flocked to Farmville to have fun with family and friends. The Dogwood Festival returned again this year and offered fun-filled days of events.

“There are a lot of things for the kids to do,” attendee Freddie Couch said. “Lost a couple of dollars playing games but it’s all good. As long as the kids are having a good time.”

Beginning Thursday and ending Sunday, people were able to enjoy games, live music, and plenty of food options.

“It’s just a great place to come out as a community and build that bond that we have,” Farmville resident Kelvin Reid said.

There was something for everyone, including businesses like Dutchess Sweet Shoppe, who has been selling their sweet treats at the festival for five years.

“It is important to us because we want to get our business out there and this is our passion, Dutchess Sweet Shoppe worker Deandre Spencer said. “We love selling sweets.”

So if you ever find yourself in the area in 2025, Reid said it is well worth it to make a stop at the festival.

“Next year come,” Reid said. “Every year at the end of April, you cannot go wrong with it.”