Farmer in the east prepares for cool season crops to hit harvest

VANCEBORO, N.C. (WITN) -It’s once again that time of year for farmers in the east to begin harvesting their cool season crops but with a recent increase in rainfall, some are concerned for crops such as strawberries.

For farmers like Butch White, harvesting season can be one of the most fulfilling times of year but, he says the fate of cool season crops is often in the hands of mother nature.

“Most crops can fare better in dry conditions than they can in wet conditions,” White said.

White’s Farm in Vanceboro has been providing fresh crops for people in the east since 1986.

White, the owner, says continuous rain makes it more difficult for crops like strawberries to produce as harvesting begins.

“Strawberries don’t like a lot of water because they swell up,” White said.

White says all of their strawberries aren’t quite ripe yet, but some are ready for people.

“We started a limited amount in mid-March, very few berries but we did pick some,” White said.

It’s early in the harvesting season, however White says he can’t help but notice the influx of rainfall in ENC during the month of March and not get a little worried.

“I’ve in the past come out here with a leaf blower to blow the water off the plastic,” White said.

White says they’ll remain prepared to adjust as harvest season progresses.

“I guess you can say we work hard, we play hard,” White said.