Family in the east plans to set new world record

GOLDBORO, N.C. (WITN) – The Bell family hopes to set a new world record when it comes to the highest number of combined ages for the Guinness World Record.

The family grew up in Faison, Duplin County. There are 13 different siblings in the family with ages ranging from 62 to 85. The oldest, Julia, celebrated her 85th birthday back in March.

When it comes to the world record, the family says they have talked about doing something like this for a while. Now, Angela Greenfield-Burruss is one of the many nieces, who turned the idea into reality.

“We got the clearance that we could set this record,” said Greenfield-Burruss. “I already had the video footage, photos and submitted everything online.”

Greenfield-Burruss says the process to get everything together was perfect timing since they were all going to be in the same place to celebrate Julia’s birthday.

“It was awesome,” said Jewel Wilson, one of the siblings. “She was our little queen for the day and walked in on a red carpet with a crown on. She has thirteen children, so they really go all out when they have a birthday party.”

Alfonza Bell, who is the ninth child of the thirteen going for the record, says he had this type of idea at his younger sisters birthday party in the past. Now that the idea came true, he says he was ecstatic that the action was taken.

“It was a joy,” said Bell. “I like the idea that she came up with. I was thinking about something similar when my baby sister turned 60. I thought it had to be some type of record or something.”

However, 13 different siblings means many personalities. However, what the Bell family agreed on is how much fun they have.

“13 siblings,” said Wilson. “There are all types of personalities but basically we are all just a bunch fun people.”

Out of the 13 children, only one lives outside of North Carolina while everyone else is spread out throughout the east. Other than potentially setting a new record, the Bell family says all they need is their siblings and other family members to be happy.

“We love to think positive,” said Wilson. “We have a positive outlook on life and just enjoy life and be thankful.”

The Guinness World Record emailed Greenfield-Burruss on April 10th that their application was received and accepted. They now have to wait up to three months to see if they set a new world record for the highest number of combined ages with 13 siblings at 960 years.