FAMILY: DH Conley High School student mourned by loved ones after taking his own life due to bullying

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -It’s a devastating story about a high school student here in the east, who died from suicide last weekend.

The grieving family and friends of Hason Navarrete made their way into Congleton Funeral Home Friday evening, as they prepared to say their final goodbyes at the 15-year-old’s viewing.

“We really want justice for him,” said Hason Navarrete’s sister, Maria Navarrete. “We don’t want this to happen to anybody. This time it was my little brother but tomorrow it might be your son, brother, or nephew.”

Navarrete’s family says he sadly passed away Sunday, after taking his own life.

According to the family, Navarrete who was a DH Conley High School freshman, had recently been bullied at the school.

“We do want to bring awareness to this because it’s a very big issue in our school systems,” said Hason Navarrete’s family friend, Lupe Hernandez.

This week, Pitt County Schools released a statement following the news of Navarrete’s death that reads:

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office also sent out a statement, talking about the tragedy saying:

In wake of Navarrete’s tragic passing, his family says they’ve begun to hear stories about the encouraging and uplifting friend he was to all of his fellow classmates at DH Conley.

“His friends say in the group of them he was the one that was always helping them trying to get them to do fun things like go to the movies and go eat,” Navarrete said.

Navarrete’s unexpected death has surely broken those who love him, but they say he’ll forever be in their hearts.

“Words can’t describe how much you will always mean to us,” Hernandez said.

Navarrete’s family says he will be buried Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. at Homestead Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

If you or someone you know may be having suicidal thoughts, the Suicide Crisis Lifeline is open 24 hours a day seven days a week by dialing 988, where you can receive free and confidential support.