Family demands search for bones in creek

WASHINGTON, N.C. (WITN) — The family of Michael Norman, one of three men who went missing over 40 years ago, is urging authorities to search for remaining bones after a car was found in Jack’s Creek.

Washington police recently confirmed that remains found in the creek belong to Norman and two others who disappeared in 1982.

Norman’s sister, Lisa Delisa, says more than 600 bones are still unaccounted for, many of which she believes are still in Jack’s Creek.

Delisa was 16 when her brother went missing. “We searched and searched and looked and looked and never had any trace,” she said.

Earlier this year, police confirmed that a car pulled from the creek in February belonged to the missing men. However, Delisa fears her brother cannot rest in peace until all his remains are recovered.

“We have been trying to get them to dredge the creek,” Delisa said, noting that other families of the missing men share her concerns. She traveled from Georgia to advocate for dredging near the area where the car was found, as crews worked to repair a nearby dam and bridge.

Washington Police Chief Phil Rollinson says dredging would require permits and other considerations, including water quality issues. “Some decisions were fast-tracked, but there are further considerations like permitting,” Rollinson said.

Delisa, who has only 14 bones recovered so far, remains hopeful that the city will help recover the remaining remains. She expressed gratitude for her brother’s confirmed identity, which has brought some closure, but she continues to push for a full resolution.

Chief Rollinson says there are no current plans to dredge the creek.