Family advocates for all-way stop at intersection due to number of wrecks

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A family here in Pitt County is concerned about the safety of an intersection near their house after they say they see a lot of wrecks take place.

Today cars line up at a stop sign waiting to turn, while a busy road stays constantly moving.

“It’s difficult because of the oncoming traffic for people to come to the stop sign and make that left turn. Sometimes it’s hard to make a right turn,” said Winterville resident Monica Joyner.

At the intersection of Old Tar and Vernon-White Road, Krystal Barnes and her aunt Monica Joyner are advocating for the three-way road to become safer.

“Practically every intersection of Winterville, there is a three-way or four-way stop all the way up to Country Club Road going towards Ayden. They’re gonna have a three-way stop, and I have for years asked for one to be at this intersection, said Joyner.

Her calls come after she has seen a high number of wrecks and has even been in one herself.

“It was bad to me I was torn into all the pieces,” Joyner said.

With her niece Krystal Barnes, who was a kid at that time, inside the car.

“That kinda hits home, so you wanna make sure that everybody else is safe and doesn’t have to go through the same,” said Barnes.

The North Carolina DOT says they already have construction plans for this road, including adding a stop light to that particular intersection as a part of the old tar road widening project, but says it won’t happen anytime soon.

“This project has been delayed a few years. We thought we would probably start construction by now, but we delayed it to 2025; the newest timeline is now 2026,” said Andrew Barksdale, a public relations officer for NC DOT.

Barnes hopes something can be done in the meantime.

“It’s nice, and everything and it’ll probably work out when he gets here, but we gotta think about the people that are here now,” said Barnes.

When I spoke to Barksdale, he said the DOT would now be monitoring the area to see if something needed to be done for the intersection.

According to some of the most recent data from the NC DOT, there have been 21 wrecks at this intersection within the last five years, but that does not include data from 2023