Eye doctor warns of watching eclipse without proper eyeglasses

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – On Monday, all eyes will be on the skies awaiting the solar eclipse. But if you’re planning on watching, you need to keep your eyes protected.

“Kind of just enjoy that experience and have it as a great memory with a bunch of our family members is kind of important,” said Theresa Savery who is traveling for the eclipse.

As many do the same to see the total solar eclipse, ECU Health’s chief ophthalmologist warns that watching without the proper eyeglasses could be dangerous.

“A few seconds of sun exposure can cause permanent damage to the retina, which is a very delicate membrane in the back of our eyes,” said Chief Opthalmologist Ann Ostrovsky.

Which could cause headaches, vision loss, blind spots or other severe problems.

“For your glasses, make sure that they’re not only ISO-approved by the American Astronomical Society but make sure that they’re not damaged,” said Ostrovsky.

But with the proper eyewear, you should be good to go.

“I have a whole bunch of extra eclipse glasses to share with the family and stuff,” said Savery.

To make a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

“Looking forward to it, I hope millions of people get to enjoy it and that everyone has a great time with the solar eclipse and enjoy this unique experience,” said Savery.

If you still need to get your glasses before Monday, you can find a list of retailers that sell the approved iso glasses on the American Astronomical Society website.

The solar eclipse map can be found on NASA’s website. According to that map, a partial view of the Eclipse should be visible here in North Carolina between 2 pm and 3 pm on Monday.