Explosions startle Pitt County residents

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The production company, “Bright Bay Creative” whose clients include Greenville-based YouTuber “Mr. Beast,” drew plenty of attention Tuesday night after explosions went off that took many Pitt County residents by surprise.

“Last night I was in the shower just minding my own business and I heard this huge bang and immediately my first thought is… “OMG someone is trying to break into my house!” Greenville resident, Brandy Chambers said.

The explosions took place on private property in a field off Sugg Parkway. Bright Bay Creative did receive a permit issued by Greenville Fire/Rescue for two detonations of fireworks on private property using gasoline and a contracted specialist. The city also says the Fire Marshal and Staton House Fire Department were also on site of the project as a precaution.

Many residents were concerned, sending messages through social media and other neighborhood apps trying to get answers.

“I think a warning would have been really great,” Chambers said.

However, according to the City, any warnings from them are a courtesy, and in this situation, the permit holders were responsible for notifying neighbors. In this case, they did. However, they only notified those in the immediate surrounding area and their notice had the wrong date of when the explosion would take place and a typo in the contact phone number.

“The magnitude of the explosion that took place was not what we were expecting and maybe if we had known that was what was going to take place then maybe we would have been a little more proactive and a little more considerate to reach out a little farther than the immediate surrounding areas,” Greenville Public Information Officer, Brock Letchworth said.