Experts say riots have small impact on House voting gridlock

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – Friday marks the two year anniversary of the Jan. 6th attack on the United States Capitol.

Two years later after thousands of rioters stormed the nation’s U.S. Capitol, Congress has some new faces, waiting to be sworn in.

“Now we’re here in a gridlock um everything is at a halt because we’re unable to elect a speaker of the house,” said North Carolina Representative elect Don Davis (D).

The U.S. House is without a majority leader as Representative Kevin McCarthy lost yet another round of voting.

McCarthy initially blamed former President Trump for the insurrection, before later apologizing. However, East Carolina University political science professor Dr. Brad Lockerbie says January 6th and the current state of Congress have a minimal connection.

“See I don’t see a direct connection to January so I think it is an internal fight amongst Republicans as to what direction they’re going to go and after having said that Trump was to blame for it and it was bad, he went down and effectively apologized for saying that but apparently, they see him as part of the old guard,” said Lockerbie.

With McCarthy’s hopes of victory continuing to linger, the question becomes how much longer will the House have to wait?

“One of two things is gonna have to happen. McCarthy’s gonna have to persuade those conservatives who want strengthening committees, weakening the Speaker’s office, letting the rank and file members actually debate legislation. He has a good chance of getting the Speaker’s chair. We’re seeing the sausage being made it’s not always pretty but it gets done and we have our sausage and sausage biscuits.”

McCarthy was able to reverse 14 more votes in today’s voting but was still unable to receive the majority vote and be named House majority leader.

President Biden awarded 12 presidential citizens medals on Friday to police officials, state and local officials who resisted pressure to overturn election results during the Capitol riots.