Experts in the East breakdown the NC Supreme Court rehearing of two cases

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – When the North Carolina Supreme Court takes up the redistricting and voter I.D. cases, one political expert from NC State says what they’ll be doing is unheard of.

“We should be outraged by a court that sort of willy nilly changes its decisions whenever it feels like,” says Michael Struett, NCSU Political Science Department Chair.

The North Carolina Supreme Court announced it will rehear redistricting and voter I.D. cases this coming March.

Struett says, “In December of 2022, the last month, the North Carolina Supreme Court issued a final ruling in the gerrymandering case and basically ordered the maps that the courts had drawn for the senate to be used in upcoming elections and also approved some maps that the legislature drew for the House and U.S. House of Representatives.”

The previous court also rejected voter I.D.

“The North Carolina Supreme Court struck down voter I.D. requirements, finding that they were racially motivated and as a consequence did not allow it to go into effect,” said Theodore Shaw from UNC Law.

While the State Supreme Court reconsiders those cases, the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether state courts should even have a say on such issues.

Struett says there’s a bigger issue at hand. “What concerns me ultimately is that we really are undermining the idea that we could live under a system of laws that are written under a constitution. All of those fundamental things about our government work seem to be threatened by this series of events.”

Though a decision on changing the outcome of both cases is yet to be decided, Struett’s hope is for voters to become more educated in the future.

“We can only hope that voting education will improve. I think that a lot of people don’t pay attention to those statewide races for legislative offices. People really need to do their homework and pay attention to how these other statewide offices function, and maybe not elect people who seem willing to say whatever to get the outcome that they want.”

NC legal experts say the State Supreme Court agreed to rehear this redistricting case because Republicans requested it.

Though the redistricting case will be heard for the second time on March 14th, the court is not expected to make a decision until spring or early summer.