Environmental experts and state leaders hold conversation about waterways

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Politicians, environmental experts, and local leaders all gathered Wednesday at the WATERS summit to talk about flooding and water contamination in Eastern Carolina.

“The whole purpose of these panels, for example, is to give people a conversation that they can listen to and get key important nuggets that will be helpful to these local communities,” said Congressman David Rouzer.

This is the third year of the summit, and Congressman Greg Murphy says this year is about taking action.

“This year, we’re really talking about getting to work and starting to work on this stuff. We can study it to death, but we’re not gonna do that. We need to actually effectuate some of the causes and effectuate some of the things that need to be done,” said Rep. Murphy.

While the bigger issues may only be solved by experts and state leaders, the Carolina Director of the American Flood Coalition, Tony McEwen, says there are things that can be done today to make an impact in the future.

“What we need to draw attention to is making investments on the front end of flooding issues so for every dollar that you invest in resilience, that saves six dollars on the back to taxpayers, and not to mention the loss of life and property that people can suffer,” said McEwen.

Congressman Murphy also said this summit’s attendance was a record number with more than 200 people, and he is looking forward to what future movement comes from the summit.

Representative Don Davis was also at the summit, but he left before we could get comments from him on the issue.