Entertainers and tourism officials expect big things from MumFest

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – The 2022 MumFest is right around the corner this year. And as performers and vendors continue their preperations, officials say this year’s festival will look a little different.

The big change is that the festival will add a few more events for several weekends in October.

Country music award-winning artist Jimmie Allen will headline the WRNS MumFest Concert on October 14.

And Joe Brown and The Band, along with 19 other bands, will have the chance to display their own musical skills come Oct. 8th.

“There’s nothing bigger than MumFest for New Bern and coming and seeing the streets filled with people vendors lining the sides of the streets for that entire weekend and finishing up on Sunday, man, I’m humbled that I have a talent that can be a showcase at such an event as this,” Brown said.

MumFest organizers say thanks to some creative thinking from the pandemic, this year, the fun will last all month long.

“The next event is actually going to be the WRNS Concert; the third event that we are going to have is MumFeast, it’s a much smaller scale event and it’s more centered on food and wine and art and music,” Swiss Bear and MumFest Event Director Ann Marie Byrd said.

The party will last a little longer this year. It is “music” to the ears of city tourism officials.

“MumFest preliminary numbers are showing it’s over $2.5 million just for that two-day festival so that is going to, of course, impact our lodging partners, our retailers, our merchants or restaurants, even our transportation sector is also affected by this so positively,” New Bern Visitor Center Executive Director Melissa Riggle said.

The MumFeast is set for October 21-22 at various restaurants in downtown New Bern.

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