ENC utility company speaks on security system as FBI warns of Chinese hackers

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – FBI leaders are warning that China is planning to “wreak havoc” on Americans.

“I’m also mindful of the fact that our adversaries are getting more and more sophisticated in that there are more and more foreign adversaries who want to get in on this game,” said FBI Director, Christopher Wray.

In a meeting on Wednesday, Wray planned to tell lawmakers that “far too little public focus is on the cyber threats that affect everyday Americans.”

However, one company in ENC is trying to get ahead of it. “Greenville Utilities has a very robust cyber security plan. We believe we have the people, the tools, the technology in place to thwart attacks and test it on a regular basis as well,” Steve Hawly, the Greenville Utilities Commission’s Communications Manager.

Hawley says they are regularly updating their security. “We have outside security experts that help us review the plan, and they conduct exercises with us as well, and these are all based on real-world scenarios, and that helps us to realize, are doing the right things? Do we have the right tools? And what are the latest threats? It helps us prepare and respond,” said Hawley.

But this is not a new concern; according to the Associated Press, many U.S. officials have been keeping an eye out for Chinese hackers for some time.

They’ve taken several steps to stay protected, like launching the disruptive technology strike force and monitoring investments that could be used by rival nations to get access to American data.

Not only have U.S. officials raised concern over China’s government, but they have also mentioned Beijing’s determination to steal scientific research from America.

WITN reached out to several other utility companies regarding the security they have in place, including Onslow Water and Sewer Authority, who had their computers hacked in 2018, but we did not hear back.