ENC town opens up a new tourist attraction on the water

PLYMOUTH, N.C. (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina town will soon have something new to draw in tourists.

Penelope and Moses Grandy are two boats that will soon allow people to get a new view from the Roanoke River.

It’s an idea 20 years in the making. “This has been a dream come true,” said Kathy Waters, Plymouth resident.

Each boat will travel through different Inner Banks towns, including Columbia, Plymouth, Edenton, Hertford, and Elizabeth City.

“The Roanoke River Delta with over 50 miles of shoreline that’s undeveloped, it’s pristine and it can be explored,” said Tom Harrison, Washington County Travel and Tourism Director.

The two boats are specifically designed to travel the Albemarle Sound, with speeds up to 30 miles per hour and space for 30 people, according to Harrison.

“This is my first time really riding with a boat like this. I’m kind of excited about it and seeing what it can do,” said Gray White, another Plymouth resident.

These boats are creating some fun and adventure as well as a new way to travel.

“You can also take a ride to Edenton or vice versa and be a part of this unique experience because there hasn’t been a commercial service like this in my lifetime,” said Harrison.

Penelope and Moses Grandy will both be open for operation starting in the middle of May. The boats will take cruises on the Roanoke River every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Inner Banks Harbor Towns (IBHT) received $5 million from the NC Legislature for an economic initiative to increase tourism in the five towns, funding the boats.

An authentic paddle-wheel boat will also be available for events that hold more than 100 people. That boat will get its first ride in about a month at the Black Bear Festival starting May 31st.