ENC shoppers prep for Easter Holiday

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – When we think of Easter, many of us think of candy and eggs. Unfortunately, if you’re on the lookout for either, you’ve noticed the prices are high.

Shoppers in the East are on the search for everything they need to stock up for the big day. The only problem is how much the prices have increased for this celebration.

Two favorites this time of year are averaging much higher in cost. Egg prices have gone up 47 percent since August based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Another favorite is chocolate. Nerdwallet reports those prices have gone up nearly 38 percent since Easter 2020.

Yetta Roggerson, a special education teacher, is excited for Easter fun, not Easter finances.

“I went shopping because my kids celebrate Easter and so I bought like 96 easter eggs and a 3-pound bag of jellybeans and that still wasn’t enough. So you know rather than just go back out and buy another bag of jellybeans I just had to go back in and separate the ones I have already filled up because the prices are just ridiculous,” says Roggerson.

In the past, Roggerson would go out and get candy and supplies needed for Easter the day after and stock up on them for the next year. Belinda Teal who celebrates Easter recommends celebrating this holiday the day after.

“We do the Easter egg hunts after Easter because the candy is a lot cheaper after than before Easter,” says Teal.

Roggerson says she looks forward to the holiday each year but misses how it felt when she was younger.

“The only thing I can say that is I don’t have my own Easter basket and I don’t have an outfit because my mom used to get that for us all the time but I don’t have that this year,” says Roggerson.

The good news is there’s not an age limit on getting an Easter basket. You just might want to budget if you’re giving any out.

According to the National Retail Federation, 81 percent of consumers plan to celebrate the holiday and expect to spend $22.4 billion.