ENC shelters want their animals to feel the joy of this holiday season

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Animals may not know when the holidays are, but shelters here in the east want them to feel the love and warmth that comes along with this giving season.

“Our goal is to clear the shelter. Our hope is to get every animal out and into a home over the holidays,” said Chad Singleton, Pitt County Animal Shelter Service Director.

Their Silent Night Program promotes a fostering opportunity that gets animals out of the shelter during the holidays.

“We will provide everything for you,” said Singleton. “We will provide dog crate beds, food and all of these animals have been vaccinated so they are healthy animals.”

But while fostering helps ensure each home is a good fit, their ultimate goal is to have pets settle in for life.

“The animals that are here don’t deserve to be here, they are here because people failed and that’s why they are here,” said Singleton.

Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Program Director, Shelby Jolly, says most presents come with a gift receipt, but animals do not. “We don’t do gift adoptions unless the person who is going to be finically responsible is aware and comes to meet the animal because yes it is a gift, but it’s going to be their animal,” said Jolly.

Plus, the fewer animals in the shelter, the more time shelter employees can spend the holidays with their families, too: a win for caregivers and pets alike.

“They have no idea what Christmas and Hannukah and News Years are, but they do experience the love, the warmth, the getting together,” said Jolly. “A lot of our animals truly enjoy being around people and other animals and stuff like that. So it gives them something they don’t get here. Yes, they get attention and love, but the holidays are different.”

The Pitt County Animal Shelter Silent Night Program starts December 20, 2022. The Humaine Society of Eastern Carolina is also asking community members to open their homes this holiday season.