ENC shelter encourages public to adopt as they reach maximum capacity

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina Animal Shelter has reached full capacity and is asking people to please consider adopting or fostering.

Every kennel and crate is full at Pitt County Animal Services, with 85 dogs and more than 20 cats needing a loving home.

“No dog wants to spend a long time in the shelter; it can be a very stressful environment with all the dogs barking and everything and not having that stability of a home,” said Ashley Campbell, A shelter attendant at Pitt County Animal Services.

Champ has been at the shelter the longest since he came here in December of 2023. “He is a hound mix; he’s super sweet, he loves everybody, great with kids, great with other dogs. I just think he gets overlooked for some reason,” said Campbell.

Campbell says even if you are not able to adopt or foster, there are still ways you can help. “Just getting them out of the shelter just so that we can make room for other animals and it also helps them for get acclimated to a home environment even if you can’t adopt them you’re still getting them out of the shelter for a short period of time,” said Campbell.

Ashley Case, the Office Manager at Spay Today, says making sure your pet is fixed makes a big difference.

“It’s really important because of the overpopulation, especially out here in eastern Carolina with cats. There are so many cats that just run rampant, and you get the shelter that is overwhelmed because people just don’t spay and neuter,” said Case.

Despite the sweet eyes and wagging tails, each animal is longing for a place to call home.

If anyone is looking to adopt, the fee for cats is 95 dollars, and the fee for dogs is 135; both fees include spaying and neutering, all of their shots, and a microchip.

Pitt County Animal Services isn’t the only shelter handling higher numbers. The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina and Craven-Pamlico Animal Services also say they generally stay pretty full.