ENC senior becomes Prudential Emerging Visionary winner for his crypto course

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – An Eastern North Carolina high school senior is helping bridge the gap between financial topics such as cryptocurrency and young adults.

“Why not write a book?” It’s an idea that started overseas following an experience for Winterville’s Michael Brode.

“I had the opportunity to go a year abroad in Germany, and it was an international school, so I had to do a personalized project, and I decided to do my personal project on creating an NFT collection,” said Brode.

The idea has now made its way back home and made him a prudent emerging visionary winner. His mom, Livia Brode, said he has been working hard work for two years on his mission.

“I’m so proud and thrilled for Michael for, first of all, his hard work and this recognition,” said Brode’s mom, Livia Brode.

Brode has created an online course paired with a book called “Crypto Debunked” to teach his peers ways to navigate the lucrative but also risky world of cryptocurrency and other online technology.

“The reason it’s called debunk is there’s a lot of misinformation on crypto, or there’s a lot of biased information, so I aim to demystify misinformation and make it more simple,” said Brode.

Now winning $5000 from Prudential, the future of his course is expanding.

“My future aim is to kind of create the debunked app, which is similar to maybe you’ve heard of the for dummies series, and kind of have like different courses on each rising technology,” said Brode.

With the app already in the works, Brode will be headed to a three-day summit in April, where he will receive networking opportunities as a Prudential Emerging Visionary winner.

At that summit next month, Brode will be pitching his future vision to other business leaders with the chance to win 10,000 dollars and the opportunity to expand his mission even more.

The summit is held in New Jersey, where Brode will also get coaching from the Prudential employees alongside the other 25 young adult winners from across the us