ENC residents react to Trader Joe’s coming to Greenville

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – New grocery stores are popping up everywhere in the east, with one underway in Pitt County and economists say this is good news for anyone on a budget.

The City of Greenville issued a building permit for a Trader Joe’s in Greenville.

Tina Godley says the store is a welcome addition to the area.

“I think it will help the economy, actually. I mean, because we don’t have one and we are gonna be getting one, I think it will be good for Pitt County,” says Godley.

The new location will be in the Lynncroft Shopping Center in the old Bed Bath & Beyond, between Michaels and Ross.

ECU Economics Professor Dr. Nicholas Rupp says residents in the area benefit financially from grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and the Lowes Foods that opened earlier this month in Winterville.

“It’s great for the local economy in terms of job creation. It’s also a benefit to local homeowners because their properties rise between five to seven percent in appreciation of property values,” says Rupp.

Rupp advises those on a budget avoid eating out and instead buy groceries to prepare meals at home. He also suggests opting for private labels, such as those available at Trader Joe’s, instead of name-brand foods.

Godley agrees that everyone should try discount groceries to save cash.

“It’s the same thing, just paying for a name. I mean, I would buy off brands and I have, so it tastes the same, to me,” says Godley.

According to the City of Greenville’s website, the permit does not specify when the renovations for Trader Joe’s will be completed.

Currently, the closest Trader Joe’s locations are in Raleigh and Wilmington.