ENC reacts to Boy Scouts of America name change to ‘Scouting America’ in 2025

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) -This time next year, Boy Scouts of America will have a completely new name. Members will be part of ‘Scouting America.’

LaGrange Troop 4186 member and Second Class Scout Laith Ginn says he is open to the change.

“It kind of sounds good, I kind of like the old one better but the new one does kind of sound a little bit better,” says Ginn.

On Tuesday, the organization announced the change as part of an effort to lean towards a more inclusive message as girls have been joining its ranks.

East Carolina Council Scout Executive Dwayne Jones says this year marks the fifth anniversary of girls being part of the program.

“We certainly want them to feel like they’re welcome and Scouting America does that. It allows us to create an organization where we can prepare every youth in America to lead a life of purpose and impact” says Jones.

Critics say the move is a significant shift as the scouting organization emerges from bankruptcy following a flood of sexual abuse and lack of inclusion allegations.

Ginn says regardless of gender, everyone is welcome.

“I think they should follow their gut and do whatever they want to because if they want to join Boy Scouts then they can absolutely do that,” says Ginn.

The announcement was made at the Boy Scout’s national meeting in Florida – but won’t take effect until February 2025.

The East Carolina Council serves 3,000 scouts in 20 districts including Lenoir, Greene, Pitt, Onslow, Carteret and Craven counties.