ENC politicians react to Biden’s decision to pardon certain marijuana charges

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Following President Biden’s pardon for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana, state politicians running for election in Eastern Carolina are speaking up about what they think.

North Carolina House District 9 candidate, (R) Timothy Reeder, disagreed with President Biden’s decision to pardon thousands of people for federal marijuana charges.

“I think before you blanket pardon you should look at the cases individually,” Reeder said. “I wasn’t in favor of the blanket pardon, because I think they should be done on a case-by-case basis.”

Reeder, who’s a doctor, believes the pardons could have negative consequences.

“We know that it’s [marijuana] addictive and that long term it causes lower IQ and learning problems. So, I worry that this narrative that marijuana is safe and decriminalize it and make it legal, I think that’s going to harm our community,” Reeder explained.

Meanwhile, Reeder’s opponent, State Rep., (D) Brian Farkas, supports Biden’s pardon.

“Right now marijuana has the same classification as heroin,” Farkas said. “It’s actually classified harder than fentanyl, which we have seen kill thousands of people in Eastern North Carolina, especially in our rural areas. It makes no sense.”

Farkas says he hopes North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper follows suit.

“I think it makes sense for our state and federal policies [to] align. I would encourage Governor Cooper for our state policies to do the same thing. And should pardon individuals for simple possession of marijuana at the state level,” Farkas said.

Gov. Cooper has asked his lawyers to review North Carolina law about simple possession and pardons to see what action they can take.

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