ENC County plans to open up new behavioral health facility

CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Opioid use and drug overdoses have touched almost everyone in our country.

“It would be a rare family in the United States now that between the brothers and the sisters, sons and daughters isn’t dealing with this issue,” said Randall Williams, the Carteret County Consolidated Human Services Director.

But now there’s help coming to Carteret County in the form of a new behavioral health facility off Highway 70. Integrated Care of Great Hickory Treatment Centers will have 104 beds and many services.

“It will take a lot of the burden off our hospitals, especially in our emergency department, and as far as the sheriff being the sheriff of the county and being responsible for making mental health transport, I can tell you unequivocally it will be a tremendous help to our office,” said Carteret County Sheriff Asa Buck.

Treatment plans are something the CEO of the facility, Corey Richardson, knows the impact of personally.

“I lost absolutely everything, and I will often tell people there’s nothing that happened to me that didn’t happen to anybody except the mortuary didn’t come and get me,” said Richardson.

By going through that hard time himself, he now has a mission of supporting others who are struggling.

“We can take somebody who is either struggling with mental illness or addiction, place them in recovery housing, provide them a wraparound service so that counseling, medication, supportive employment that they need to get their life on track,” said Richardson.

There is no set date for this facility to open, but according to a spokesperson for Carteret County, it’s supposed to open sometime this summer.