ENC congressman seeking feedback surrounding potential renewal of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act parts

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina congressman is asking his constituents for their thoughts on reauthorizing portions of a controversial surveillance tool.

Republican Congressman Greg Murphy wants to know where feelings as it pertains to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

“We live in an exceptionally dangerous world under great duress by the actions of emboldened dictators and foreign terrorists. Many wish to do harm against the United States and our people, and we must be able to protect ourselves effectively. Likewise, we must also preserve and protect Americans’ right to privacy from the Federal government,” Murphy wrote in an email to constituents.

The tool was set to expire at the end of the year but was given a short-term extension in the recent defense bill sent by congress to President Joe Biden’s desk.

The extension continues a tool that permits the U.S. government to collect without a warrant the communications of non-Americans located outside the country to gather foreign intelligence. Lawmakers are demanding better privacy protections for those Americans caught up in the monitoring.

FBI Director Chief Christopher Wray warned Senate Judiciary Committee members during a hearing earlier this month that there would be devastating consequences for public safety if it was allowed to lapse.

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