Elderly OBX woman loses nearly $10,000 in online scam

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WITN) – A warning today from police as yet another person on the Outer Banks has fallen victim to a scam.

Kill Devil Hills police say an 80-year-old woman was tricked out of nearly $10,000.

Officers say on December 1st the women reported a “virus alert” warning from Microsoft. She called the number on the warning message and was told her identity had been compromised and was asked about her financials.

She was then told to withdraw all the money from her bank account, purchase gift cards, and provide the gift card information to the “representative” from her bank.

The elderly woman was told her money would be kept safe and once her identity fraud case was resolved, her money would be returned. The woman lost $9,800 in the scam.

So far this year police say people in Kill Devil Hills have lost some $62,000 to internet scams. The largest single case was $29,000.

Police say the most common scam has been the sale of sale of dogs through Facebook Marketplace.

They recommend if you are responding to any sort of online advertisement, you need to verify the credibility by an online search.

Cyber crimes/fraud can be reported online to the FBI.