Efforts to put out the remaining Manns Harbor furniture warehouse fire continues

MANNS HARBOR, N.C. (WITN) – A colossal fire broke out in a warehouse and spread to nearby properties in a county in the east.

Just some debris and smoke remain at the Manteo Furniture and Appliances’ warehouse.

According to Manns Harbor Fire Department Captain George Hardison, firefighters continued to put out lingering hot spots. He says heavy, strong wind could make the fire flare back up.

Captain Hardison added that the debris inside the warehouse has sharp edges and what’s left of the building is not stable, so they will be monitoring the area for the next few days.

The fire started Tuesday evening at the warehouse.

In addition to Dare County, crews from Currituck and Tyrrell Counties responded.

Flames spread to properties nearby, burning down a barn and horse trailer that belonged to Carter Mann’s family.

“It’s a pretty big loss, my dad has worked for the last 40-50 years to get everything, all the tools he had in the barn and everything so it’s really hard for me to put a price on it.”

The cause of the fire has not been identified yet.

According to Ken Daniels, the President of Manteo Furniture and Appliances, there were no injuries to employees, neighbors, or firefighters.

He says the warehouse stored upholstery and case goods. Appliances and bedding are kept in another warehouse.

He does say they will be open for business-as-usual Wednesday and will restock furniture as soon as possible.