ECU students celebrate end of spring semester at Barefoot on the Mall

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -The time has come for students at East Carolina University to begin preparing for final exams but before they go into study mode, every Pirate wants to relax and have a little fun.

Tuesday, marked the last day of classes for the 2024 spring semester at ECU so it was only right for students to celebrate at Barefoot on the Mall with none other than Eastern Carolina’s own Parmalee.

Barefoot on the Mall has been a well-known tradition at ECU since it first began in 1979.

It’s a way for students to step away from the textbooks and have fun with their friends before getting ready to take final exams.

“It’s good to have friends to be around because outside of school I have personal things that I’m going through so this is like a relaxing get my mind off what’s going on in my family,” said ECU student, Kayla Williams.

“I feel like ECU really cares about their students because exams take a toll on students and our mental health,” said ECU student, Kierra Dukes. “This is getting our mind off of things.”

Every Pirate looks forward to Barefoot on the Mall each year no matter if it’s to enjoy good music from groups like Parmalee or for the delicious food and kid like activities.

For some upperclassmen, this is their first time attending Barefoot on the Mall since the pandemic, which means a lot.

“My senior year, I had to social distance a lot so for me it’s kind of nice to actually get to have fun and be in a crowd like this without having to worry,” said ECU student, Claudia Tutor.

ECU students will begin final exams this Thursday and will finish on May 2nd.