ECU Student Government Association wants 4-year suspension for Theta Chi

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – The Student Government Association of East Carolina University has passed a resolution to ask for the suspension of the university’s Theta Chi chapter.

The SGA says the resolution was passed due to recent campus events, notably an alleged drink tampering reported on Sept. 13 of two people, one of which led to a sexual assault, at the Theta Chi frat house.

Protests followed the report, which was not the first time the fraternity was accused of drink tampering and sexual assault. The SGA says the report was the third allegation of drink tampering against the frat in the last three years and there was also a report in the fall of 2021 of aggravated assault and sexual assault.

ECU sophomore Jalen Ollison feels that the university’s lack of action during past allegations is concerning for all female students.

“I think it’s pathetic and I think it’s a little too late for ECU to start making actions as like they actually care about the women that go here,” Ollison said. “I’ve been going here for two years now, this same exact thing happened last year. They didn’t really do anything to enforce policy and for a female high school student, this doesn’t seem like a welcoming environment for female students in general.”

ECU senior Jacob Hartman says the university feels like a big family, which is why he says Theta Chi’s alleged actions don’t represent what the school stands for.

“ECU does feel a lot closer as a community as a southern school than a lot of other universities,” Hartman said. “Like up north or big schools out west, so I think it really does hurt the image of the school.”

The SGA says it condemned the fraternity’s actions in November 2021 and recommended the university take action. Now, the SGA is recommending a four-year suspension for the frat.

“The resolution shall be effective upon its passage by a majority affirmative vote of the Student Assembly and its signing by the Student Body president,” the SGA says.

Theta Chi headquarters in Indiana sent WITN a statement on Sept. 13th responding to the accusations, saying, “Theta Chi Fraternity has been made aware of allegations of drink tampering and sexual assault at East Carolina University. Fraternity staff members have been in contact with ECU administrators and are investigating and gathering facts related to the allegations.”

The SGA sent the resolution to the university, as well as Theta Chi headquarters in Indiana.

ECU says it has taken no action against the fraternity. The investigation process continues.

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