ECU police captain talks safety after deadly MSU shooting

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Following yesterday’s shooting, we wanted to check in with ECU about their safety protocols and preparations.

Collin Montgomery, an ECU student says, “It’s scary… you know, it’s happened all over. In Walmart, in schools. It makes you nervous to even go to class.”

We spoke with ECU Police Captain Chris Sutton about the shooting.

“We see these happen way too frequently, and we’re very sad for those that are affected,” Sutton said.

Though there are many reasons mass shootings occur, the issue of mental health is said to be one of them.

“There’s so many signs of stress. Social media and school, dealing with the pandemic, so we know that there is a lot of pressure,” said North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.

Following last night’s shooting, Sutton says, “The majority of what we get is often traffic stops, so they may not actually always be on our campus. Just because it’s a weapon, it may not always be a handgun, it could be a knife.”

This year, seven weapons have been found on or near ECU’s campus. Though the weapons they find are quickly confiscated with consequences dealt, preparing for an emergency is what’s most important to Sutton.

“We have trained consistently. We do force on force training where our officers do training that are similar to the weapons we carry,” he explained. “We’ve been doing active shooter training on our campus and campuses for about 23 plus years now.”

For Montgomery, being aware of your surroundings at all times never hurts.

“Know where you are at all times, and if there’s anytime there’s something suspicious, you should always make yourself aware of it,” she explained.

So far this year there have been dozens of people killed in mass shootings. Just last year, there were more than 600 mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archive.