ECU hosts a roundtable discussion regarding artificial intelligence

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN)— On Tuesday, ECU partnered with Defense Alliance of N.C., a non-profit that works to strengthen North Carolina’s defense sector, and Michael Best Law and Consulting to help the public better understand A.I. and machine learning.

“What many people call A.I. in today’s world I think it could really be debated that it’s actually machine learning; there’s a whole spectrum of capabilities,” said Keith Wheeler, ECU’s National Security and Industry Initiatives Director.

Many companies were also in attendance and encouraged to participate in an open discussion to create ideas.

“Attollo is working on a prototype to help make better operating networks for individual soldiers, Marines, but also to be able to protect them against better cyber attacks and things like that,” said Wheeler.

The technology could also allow businesses to blossom.

“The advancements and technology affect all the businesses that we serve and the individuals so we talk about training and we focus on training and we need to stay updated on what the industry trends are and new technologies and opportunities there are to help the workforce in our region,” said Phillip Prescott, the Assistant Director of Eastern Carolina Workforce Development.

The main goal is to help inform the public of true A.I.

“It seems like it’s, you know, all over the world nowadays, there’s a lot of hype involved with it,” said Wheeler.

There were six different topics of conversation with many different industries touched on, ranging from A.I. in the health field to emergency response planning.

These workshops have been held throughout North Carolina universities, with one of the main leaders in the discussion being the Defense Alliance of NC.