ECU Football wins four overtime classic over Memphis

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – It was grim as can be down 17-0 In the first half on Saturday night for the ECU football team. But they found something in themselves, flipped the switch, and turned it around.

Pick it up in the second quarter ECU trailing 17 to 0 Holton Ehlers gets them on the board with a short 3-yard run to cap off the nice drive and it was 17-7.

After the Pirates get an interception, Ahlers goes to the air finding Isaiah Winstead with a 17-yard touchdown pass. It was 17–13 Memphis at the half.

After they get a field goal in the third, they would go back on offense when ECU’s defense comes up huge. Julius would get the pick and then he goes to work into the end zone. He dives 47-yard touchdown pick 6, it was 20-20.

They would trade field goals in the fourth then EC went to work on the ground. Keaton Mitchell drives to the left, to the right, he brought them down the field and he would go in from the yard out to make it 30–23. The Pirates defense could not hold this time and Seth Hennigan phones Joe Scates in the back at the end zone for the tying touchdown. 30-30 they went to overtime.

Memphis scored on their possession in overtime down seven. ECU had to go back to work and Mitchell was amazing in the extra frames. He goes in for the touchdown, kick good, they go to double OT.

Pirates got the ball right back in the double overtime. And it’s Mitchell again going in for the 12 yard touchdown run but the two point conversion failed. Memphis would get theirs but also failed their conversion. They went to the triple overtime and that started going to conversions Hennigan would find skates to make it 45-43 in the third overtime.

Mitchell would get a pass from Ahlers can find his way to the end zone on a great move and that made it 45–45. They went to the fourth overtime frame.

Ahlers goes up top to CJ Johnson and the Conley connection puts ECU up 47-45.

The defense came up big. The pass goes array for Memphis and ECU pulls off a 47-45 win in 4 overtimes

“How about those freaking Pirates!!!” says ECU head football coach Mike Houston, “You guys are not nearly as energetic as our locker room is. But that’s what the story is tonight. So you can ask me whatever the frig you want to. There’s been a ton of doubters, it’s been a rough week but the freaking Pirates bowed their back and won a big ball game tonight. We are gonna celebrate it.”

“I’m feeling good, my dad called me he said I know you’re probably hurting, but you got to do this for the team, for the brothers,” says ECU running back Keaton Mitchell, “So I just went out there and gave it my all.”

“As long as we win, I don’t care. And we won both of them against Memphis (This year and last in OT),” says ECU quarterback Holton Ahlers, “So I told media after last week’s loss that we got to figure out what type of team we have in that locker room. I already knew what type of team we have but we showed it there tonight.”

It’s Sunday now, and they are already focused on the UCF game, but this four-overtime game is going to sit well with the ECU Pirate Nation and this team for the rest of the way.

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