ECU food delivery robots damaged; students and police denounce vandals

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) -ECU Police and students alike are frustrated, after several robots that deliver food were vandalized.

Videos of the robots are making rounds on social media. One video, in particular, shows them being flipped into streams and otherwise vandalized.

The fleet of food delivery robots made ECU’s campus their home about a month ago, thanks to a partnership between Grubhub and Starship.

Now the privilege of having them seems to be getting abused.

ECU junior, Jalen Walker, denounced the vandals and is worried the robots could be taken away.

“It makes other schools look down on us,” Walker said. “It upsets me because a couple of months ago we had scooters, and they took them away very fast because they did the same thing.”

ECU Police Captain Chris Sutton recommends you report the vandalism when you see it.

He says anyone committing the crime will be charged.

“If somebody does damage to one of them intentionally, then they can be charged with damage to property. If not an act where a criminal charge can be applied, then the least they can be referred to the students’ rights and responsibilities office where they could face some type of internal action through the campus.”

Sutton says ECU Police are reviewing video of people who have damaged the food delivery robots, but charges have not been filed yet.