ECU economics professor and business owner speak on the gender pay gap

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Tuesday is Equal Pay Day, a day to raise awareness about the gender pay gap.

Research from the Census Bureau shows that it still exists in many jobs.

“It’s just crazy that we’re still in 2024, and this is happening,” said Truly Yours Owner Erin Davis.

Data from the Census Bureau shows women make, on average, 71 cents to a man’s dollar.

Davis said while the wage gap doesn’t impact her, she understands the challenges women face every day in their careers.

“I feel like there was a struggle of being able to open, to begin with. When we were looking for funding or looking for options, my age and my gender I think a lot of times people looked at me like what are you thinking? What are you doing but we were able to power through, and we’ve been in business now for over ten years,” said Davis.

ECU Economics Professor Meghan Millea says that while a pay gap exists, it is closing. “I do think that the pay gaps are going to continue to shrink and ideally eventually disappear.”

She says this is due to several reasons. “We have more flexibility in work and we have more assimilation and attributes associated to gender norms,” said Millea.

Millea also mentioned that each field of work is impacted differently.

March 12th was designated as Equal Pay Day since, historically, a woman has to work about 14 and a half months to earn a man’s median wage for 12 months.