Eastern Carolinians hope to score $640 million jackpot

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – With no winners yet, the Mega Millions jackpot has grown to $640 million. Players are eager to take advantage of a now much higher prize.

Stores like Willy’s Mini Mart in Jacksonville, are seeing customers excited to try their hand at winning. Carolina Beaver said she doesn’t play much, but has big dreams for her ticket: to help her mom.

“She wants to fix her house and get her teeth done,” said Beaver. “She wants to get dentures and wants to pay some bills, and the rest, save for her.”

When asked if she plays a lot, she had this to say: “No, actually, this is the second time. I bought ten tickets back when it was over a billion. So yeah, trying again for my mother.”

Reids Minimart cashier Cheryl Jensen said she’s seen people from all walks of life come into their Hubert store to play.

“It’s everybody. Anybody and everybody that can afford the 2 dollars to spend, they’re going to try,” said Jensen.

Beaver just hopes this time, she’ll make it big.

“Fingers crossed!”

Jensen, said the closer the drawing day approaches, the more packed the store will become.