Eastern Carolina weighs in on Trump possibly running for president again

NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) – Tonight, former President Donald Trump is set to make what he says is a big announcement. That has led to speculation that he will run for president a third time.

However, after a lackluster midterm election for the Republican Party and the candidates that Trump endorsed, political science experts here in Eastern Carolina believe the days of Trump in the White House may be over.

Although the GOP is closing in on a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, the party will once again have a minority in the U.S. Senate.

That’s despite dismal approval ratings for the current Biden Administration.

And with Trump potentially declaring a return trip to the White House, some who voted for him previously aren’t as optimistic.

“After what everybody went through with him the first time, I will vote for him again but I don’t think he’s gonna get reelected, that’s just how I feel,” Craven County resident Austin Bryant-Foye said.

East Carolina University Political Science Professor Dr. Brad Lockerbie says since Trump’s time as president, the divide within the Republican Party has grown.

“I think enough Republicans are upset with him right now because if you look at the cast of characters, and I use that phrase purposely, that he pushed for the Republican nomination, they were largely people who lost,” Lockerbie said.

Lockerbie says the division leaves the potential for a new frontrunner in the party.

“The Republican nomination is not sewn up at this point. I think there are a lot of potential candidates out there and Republicans have a lot of quality conservative candidates that would fit with the Republican orthodoxy on most issues and don’t have the baggage of a Donald Trump, so I would expect them to think about coming forward,” Lockerbie said.

The professor says he believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may be one of the front runners to compete for the nomination, especially after his convincing victory in the midterm election.

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