Eastern Carolina summer camp allows kids to dive into STEM and aquatics

WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – This week, at an Eastern Carolina summer camp, kids are getting the chance to learn how to scuba dive while also learning about science.

Bubbles float to the water’s surface as 8-12-year-olds explore underneath.

“I just like hoping in the pool, being able to swim underwater but also being able to breathe underwater,” said camp attendee Jordan Juchniewizz.

This week, it’s all part of a STEM camp. Rum Runner Dive Shop Co-Owner Carolyn Wagner says she’s hosted it for about five years to inspire future divers.

“Future lovers, explorers of the ocean. We ask them to become guardians of the ocean and be caretakers for the future,” said Wagner.

They offer hands-on experiences, like snorkeling, making sea creatures out of clay and learning about the North Carolina coast.

“They built boats out of legos to try to make them float and not just look cool. Today, we did anatomy in North Carolina and marine fishery stuff,” said Wagner.

While the camp is fun for kids, it also promotes the importance of a clean ocean.

“Protecting the ocean and cleaning up the trash and don’t hurt the sea life,” said another camp attendee, Gabriel Alnengor.

As kids learn to appreciate marine life and all it has to offer at a young age.