Eastern Carolina shoppers react to higher Thanksgiving prices

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Thanksgiving dinner will cost you 20% more this season compared with last year, according to an American Farm Bureau Federation survey.

So how do you manage those costs? Eastern Carolina shoppers weighed in.

“We walk around and we’re like ‘oh my gosh. I cannot believe the price of that. Wow… wow,” Kayla Harrison said.

It’s a reaction most of us can relate to at the grocery store, a popular spot around Thanksgiving.

“The supply and demand for all these ingredients and stuff is extremely high right now,” Sophia Thompson added.

Ultimately, shoppers in Eastern Carolina are doing what they can to make ends meet.

“I have a big family,” Sharde Jones said.

As a mother of seven, Jones has her shopping down to an art.

“More than likely it’ll be probably two or three different trips and spread them out to different stores because more than likely some stores are more expensive than others,” Jones said.

The Eastern Carolina mother adds that sometimes you need to adjust your shopping process because of the price. “I was gonna do a turkey, but you can settle for two hens or a turkey wing, so it’s tweaking what you normally do versus what you have been doing.”

For example, a meal for 10 people with 12 menu items like turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie mix, and more, will cost $64.05 on average, up $10.74 from last year.

Budgeting helps, but others may find themselves unable to provide. That’s where the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina comes in.

“Especially with the increase of cost of food, we do see a lot of people come in, and we are able to provide emergency meals here,” Branch Director Whykeshia White said. “For us here at the food bank, we just want to be a pillar in the community to provide the necessities that individuals need.”

On the bright side, inflation is headed in the right direction. It cooled down last month, but it still remains elevated at 7.7%.

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