Eastern Carolina schools celebrate NC National History Day

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Fourteen schools across the east honored NC National History Day by competing in projects about moments in history.

NC National History Day has been in North Carolina for 30 years. Middle and high school students put together their projects based on a significant point and time in history.

The students gathered at ECU’s main campus student center. Their projects are not only great for students to learn about history but also to develop essential life skills.

‘We want students to use those key research and critical thinking skills to discover the past and how it relates today and where we might be going,” NC History Day Coordinator, Karen Ipock said.

The student’s theme this year is turning points in history and students were able to pick any topic from any place in history to cover. They then explore how that turning point impacts the world today.

“They tested medicines on them and used them as test dummies and we wanted to bring awareness to how important it is and they didn’t give permission to do any of those things so that’s where consent came in and that’s how it was a turning point,” 9th grader, Lillie Tillery said.

Students could choose from five different categories to present their work, including websites, exhibits, or documentaries.

“Teaching them presentation skills, interview skills, because no matter where they are heading after this whether it’s into the job field or next level of education we know those interview skills are going to be critical,” Ipock said.

Students who won Thursday will have the chance to move on to the state level in May. From there the winners will advance to the national level in Washington, D.C.