Eastern Carolina native’s body found in Alaska landslide

WRANGELL, ALASKA (WITN) – The body of a Washington native, missing in that massive landslide in Alaska last month, has been found.

The Alaska Department of Public Safety says Otto Florschutz’s body was recovered from landslide debris around 4;25 p.m. Thursday.

The landslide happened in the remote fishing village of Wrangell on November 20th.

The 65-year-old Florschutz was a 1976 graduate of Washington High School and he still has family in Beaufort County.

Authorities say Florschutz’s wife survived the disaster.

His body is the fifth to be recovered. Alaska authorities say 12-year-old Derek Heller is still missing.

The landslide took out several homes, including two that were occupied when the natural disaster struck on a Monday night, setting off an intensive search and rescue operation among multiple agencies.