Eastern Carolina families deal with high holiday grocery prices

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Grocery prices are still on the rise, concerning many families that Christmas dinner might cost a pretty penny this year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, egg prices have nearly doubled from this time last year, along with several other common food items.

“Well, I’ve noticed over the last few months the prices have sometimes doubled, especially for things like eggs and stuff, and I’m on a limited income and that does affect me and I do feel for families,” Greenville resident Barbra Frye says.

Butter, milk, and eggs are three of the most common ingredients used to make many popular dishes. However, inflation is playing the grinch this holiday season. Eggs alone have increased from $1.70 per dozen last November to $3.50 this year.

“So, the overall prices are up 7.1% compared to a year ago but it doesn’t mean that every item is up by that same amount,” Nicholas Rupp, ECU economics professor says. “And as we’ve talked about previously, some items that consumers are likely to be shopping for in the grocery store have increased considerably.”

According to ThePricer.Org, an average four-person Christmas dinner with dessert will cost anywhere between $100 to $150 dollars.

Experts say that it’s not just inflation causing the problem, however. The bird flu outbreak over the summer killed millions of hens that laid eggs and the cattle industry also faced setbacks due to devastating drought. All of that combined has led to a demand that is currently not meeting the supply.

The traditional holiday ham has also risen in cost. last year, it would cost an average of $4.90 and it now is averaging $5.50. Although it is unclear what will actually happen with grocery prices, many experts expect them to drop after the holidays once the demand also decreases.