Early voting begins in 2024 primary elections in North Carolina

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Whether it’s voting for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or a member of Congress – the opportunity to cast your ballot early in the 2024 primary elections is underway in the state.

Residents could be seen at the Alice F Keene Park in Greenville in early voting that began in North Carolina on Thursday.

This marks the first statewide election in which all voters will be asked to show their photo ID.

Pitt County Board of Elections Director Dave Davis says in the past, some residents were confused about the correct type of identification accepted.

“Most common one, well not the most common one but the one that we saw last year a few times was a credit card with their picture on it, you know like from their bank or what have you, you can’t use that, and it depends on the university or government agency as to badges, it has to be an approved ID,” says Davis.

Greenville Resident Barbara Stokes says she decided to come to the polls early to avoid the crowd and make sure her vote is counted.

“I’m concerned about our democracy, I’m concerned about abortion and all kinds of platform issues and anyway I just want an opportunity to express how I feel, my one vote can make a difference,” says Stokes.

The last day for residents to vote early is Saturday, March 2nd, and Election Day for this year’s primaries is Tuesday, March 5th– also known as Super Tuesday.

Davis says if a resident doesn’t bring or have a valid photo ID they can cast a provisional ballot.

“You’ll cast your ballot but instead of putting it in the voting machine where it’s counted right then and there, you’ll put it inside a sealed envelope and what you’ll have is a day before canvas which is 9 days following that you have until 5 o’clock that afternoon to bring an ID to our office” says Davis.

The state board has a list of exceptions to the rule such as religious conflicts, disabilities, or work situations.

Additional information on polling locations, absentee ballots, and more is on our website at witn.com.