Driving on Indian Beach halted due to Hurricane Fiona

INDIAN BEACH, N.C. (WITN) -Hurricane Fiona may be tracking well off of our coast here in North Carolina but the massive storm is still reminding us it’s out there.

Indian Beach is experiencing dangerous rip currents and officials have suspended beach cruising until further notice.

Storm surge and an unusually high tide are causing erosion and if you’re traveling to the beach in the coming days, Indian Beach Fire Chief Benny Whitley wants you to keep safety at the forefront. “Just to err on the side of safety for everyone we’ve closed the access for no driving or anything but obviously people can still get out on the beach and walk. We’re encouraging them to not get into the water at this time because the water is very rough right now.”

Indian Beach officials have suspended driving onto the sand until further notice. Whitley says, “We’re in beach driving season now and everyone is looking forward to that but we have narrow areas of the beach and when that high tide comes up like that, they can get trapped, can’t get off the beach, and they may not notice it if they’re on a wider part of the beach, it may not be as high on them but then they get caught up in it and can’t get off the beach.”

For Indian Beach residents like Craig Guthrie, the safety precautions come with the territory when threats like Fiona stir up trouble. “Just looking at the ocean and enjoying the beautiful weather. When you can go on the beach it’s fun, but I understand they’re being cautious with storms and stuff.”

Linda Lee, who also lives in Indian Beach, says, “I understand it but I’m sure it’s for everyone’s safety.”

Whitley says they expect the suspension to last through this coming Monday.

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