Downed power line caused Pitt County outage as temps dipped into the 20′s Thursday morning

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) – Some Pitt County residents may have felt a little colder last night thanks to a downed power line near Ayden.

A downed power line along Highway 102 at Stanley Road just east of Ayden caused a little over 200 GUC customers to lose power around 1240 a.m. Thursday morning as temperatures were dropping into the 20′s.

The downed line initially only caused a partial outage with some homes having enough power to keep lamps with LED bulbs on until the downed lines sparked a brush fire in a field where the line fell.

Firefighters from Gardnerville Volunteer Fire Department had to wait until GUC crews arrived to turn off power to the sparking down lined, which then sent the area into a full power outage.

GUC sent several notifications to those in the affected area updating them on progress of the power being restored.

A firefighters on the scene said they did not know what made the power line fall.

Power was restored to the area around 3:45 a.m.