DMV says new driver licenses most secure ever

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. (WITN) -North Carolina is rolling out what it says will be the most secure driver licenses ever.

The North Carolina DMV announced today they are switching to new driver licenses, permits, and identification cards.

The DMV says the licenses will have 50 security features that help law enforcement detect fraud.

“I am proud to announce the implementation of the most secure credential in our great state’s history,” said DMV Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. “Our new licenses and IDs will be among the most secure identifying documents in the world.”

Licenses will also have unique designs on the front and back of their card that attribute nature and is familiar to North Carolinians

The DMV says the new card design will feel different, it will feel stiffer and have both embossed and debossed patterns and lettering on the surface of the card as it is 100 percent polycarbonate and personalized by laser engraving technology. It will also make a different sound when dropped onto a tabletop, it will make a unique metallic sound.

The current design is to be phased out by the end of June.

Current licenses and ID cards will remain valid until their expiration date.