Democratic congressman Don Davis holds press conference addressing legislative priorities

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A North Carolina representative held a press conference this morning highlighting legislative priorities.

Democratic congressman Don Davis held a press conference this morning at his office in Greenville. Davis talked about his continued fight to stand against the effort to take away a squadron from the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Davis says that would drop around 520 jobs in the Wayne County area and it goes directly against his push to bring more jobs to Carolinians.

“We are going to continue to stand against that effort and push back against this divestment of the squadron,” Davis said.

Davis mentioned our economy could be even more impacted with the possible jobs lost from the squadron – as well as an additional 6,000 jobs lost from the possible menthol ban.

He says earlier this month he sent a letter to president biden urging him to not get rid of the squadron.

Davis touched on other topics such as border security, and the farm bill but also spotlighted the actions taken to support the Agriculture Labor Working Group saying this is a priority. Davis tied in the importance of how the price of labor is affecting agricultural constituents and what that means for the American people.

“We have talked all about national security, agriculture is national security. This is about how we feed and clothe american people. Now if we don’t think it’s about national security. Let’s see how long we can do without eating or drinking,” Davis said.

Davis explains how it’s not just important to get food out to the american people but to others across the world.

But according to Davis, the Farm Bill is of highest priorities right now. According to the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, the Farm Bill is a package passed every five years that has an impact on how food is grown, what kinds of food are grown and farming livelihoods. Davis says we will see more updates on progress made soon.

“Right now based on chairman thompsons timeline we are looking to see a markup around memorial day,” Davis said.

According to a recent Congressional Research Service report, the 2018 Farm Bill expired on Sept. 30th, 2023 and has been extended to two dates, one in September and December of this year.