Delayed and cancelled flights are still expected even after the Christmas holiday

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – Holiday travelers say they continue to experience delays and cancelations on their way to and from loved ones.

Flight aware reports at least 4,700 canceled flights.

Holiday traveler, Synia Johnson, said it’s been a hassle.

“A lot of people are traveling this time, and then the weather. I’ve been fine until just now actually. My bag got lost and now I’m going to have to wait for that and see where that is so it’s just been a little bit of a hassle and kind of annoying,” said Johnson.

Gary Stephens, a Tennessee native, says he also experienced setbacks passing through eastern Carolina. His, however, were due to the weather.

“Friday when they had the super cold weather and the storms came through, they canceled and shut down a couple flights which set me back,” Stephens told WITN.

Bill Hopper, Pitt-Greenville Airport’s Executive Director, also says the weather has played a large role in delays and cancellations.

“It’s been busy, we’ve had quite a few things we’ve had to deal with like the freezing temperatures,” said Hopper.

Hopper encourages people still traveling for the holidays to travel smart.

“Arrive with plenty of time to get to your screening. Here at Greenville, the lines aren’t that long so be here at least an hour ahead of time. When you go to airports on the other end, they’re like 3-4 hours so be prepared to stand in some screening lines. If the weather is bad, the airlines are very good about texting and emailing, so make sure you check your texts and emails and follow the instructions the airlines give you,” he said.

Hopper also encourages people to keep an eye on the weather conditions that may be more severe depending upon the destination.

Aside from PGV, other airports like the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, have reported having frequent delayed and canceled flights.